Sea Salt from Mallorca 185 g

Natural Sea Salt Crystals obtained naturally from the Mediterranean
Coast of the East of Mallorca “Ses Salines de Llevant”, “Es Trenc”
and “Colonia de Sant Jordi”. Apart from its extraordinary taste, it has
a perfect equilibrium of all its minerals.

Ñora Pepper Pulp 135 g

The ñora pepper is very aromatic and gives off a characteristic and
interesting flavour. Used traditionally to enhance the colour and taste
of rice dishes. It is the main ingredient in popular sauces like
“Romesco” and “Xató”.Harvested at the peak of ripeness.

Choricero Pepper Pulp 135g

Pulp made from crystal sweet peppers from La Rioja, or better known
as chorizo peppers. It substitutes pimentón in the kitchen, improving
the flavour and colour of foods. Ideal for making Vizcaya sauce.