Epicure´s Choice is a leading importer and distributor in China specializes in Spanish foods and wines. The company was created in 2010 by a team of Spanish food and wine lovers, aiming to bring to our customers the best food products to the Chinese market.

Working from this core mission and with our strong passion and dedication in bringing what is considered the best in the Spanish food realm; we are continuously in search of producers of exceptional and exquisite food products.

The result of this process is the maintenance of a carefully portfolio of  wines, meats, cheeses, seafood, preserves, charcuterie and more, which together make up the Epicure´s Choice product catalogue.

For chefs, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and delicatessens who are our customers, the end product is the best ingredients at the right price, direct from the supplier. Each of our customers enjoys the benefits of being connected almost directly to the source of their food: no intermediaries, no agents, just us.


Our Philosophy

Our experience in the business helps us to more easily establish brand loyalty for the products that we represent. Understanding brand position helps us to position a product that best suites its potential in the market, and this approach in turn generates brand continuity and loyalty amongst the suppliers we serve. We do not improvise, we serve from experience.


In seeking suppliers, we look to support small scale, artisan producers who keep culinary and cultural traditions alive. By doing so, we add unique flavours to our portfolio whilst promoting sustainability in food production. Ultimately, this personal approach allows us to offer our clients traceability through all stages of production, procurement and delivery.